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benefits of dent-rx

Dent-Rx saves you money

Because we do not use harsh expensive chemical compounds or paint, there is not a need for the equipment to apply them or dispose of them in an environmentallt friendly way.

Paintless dent repairs are considered environmentally friendly, so at the end of the day you will be happy with the money you saved on the repair bill and the zero impact on the environment versus the traditional body shop!

No paints or body fillers!

Our skilled dent technicians use a location precise method to re-work the dented area(s). Access to the backside of the dented body panel is imperative to the success of our repair process.

Once the technician reaches the repair area from the underside, custom-bent rods with special tips are used to start pushing the dented area outward. Very small micro-pushes that require a lot of fnesse ensure the success of massaging the damaged area to its pre-dented appearance without damaging the vehicle’s factory finish/paint and clear coat. Most repairs made by DENT-Rx are virtually undetectable.

Years of experience

We are able to work on every make and made both foreign and domestic. This is only because we have years of hands-on, in the trade experience. 

DENT-Rx can get to most hard to reach areas on roofs, trunks, doors, fenders, and even rocker panels. 

We also can eliminate dents on body lines and creased areas that some of our competitors simply cannot repair due to the experience level that is required to make these tougher repairs undetectable.

Our work

Before and after: dents and dings

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Our work

Mike Kaiser

Mike Kaiser


DentRx is a family owned, independent dent repair facility. Since our inception in 1995 we have been happy to meet thousands of people and introduce and advocate them to this fantastic repair process called Paintless Dent Repair. It doesn't take days or weeks like traditional body shop repairs. It requires no harsh chemicals or paint, bondo or fillers.

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